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The Copains Globaux Initiative originates from the partnership between language educators and learners hailing from diverse communities, namely Ontario and Marseilles, Ontario and Cameroon, and Ontario and Quebec. The initiative is formulated with the objective of fostering authentic, intercultural discourse and comprehension through the joint planning and teaching efforts of classroom instructors. Its design is predicated on offering a more accessible and equitable alternative to the international exchanges commonly undertaken in secondary schools. 

Within this initiative, educators are paired to jointly strategize their classroom experiences, thereby cultivating an authentic language environment for their students. The proposition is made that the project assumes the role of the Independent Study Unit (ISU) and is integrated throughout the Foreign Second Language (FSL) course, whether in the Core, Extended, or Immersion program.

Student engagement encompasses shared virtual excursions in collaboration with E2Adventures, collaborative mind-mapping and brainstorming sessions, vocabulary enhancement exercises, genuine conversations in the target language, and attentive listening within their respective teams. By addressing linguistic barriers, presenting an introductory video, generating artistic or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) responses to the information exchange, and culminating in a collective compilation shared upon the project's conclusion, students fulfill key objectives such as authentic language immersion, social interaction, digital citizenship, and cross-cultural collaboration. 

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